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The "Unforeseen"

Put aside phrases like “touch wood”. They never helped anyone. Challenge is an integral part of our lives. The aim is to live life without fear and, above all, to be prepared. Would you like to financially secure your loved ones even if you are not close to them? We know you’ll want to, so we have Term Life Insurance schemes for you.

With a term life insurance scheme, you show your love to your family and those who depend on you financially.

You secure them significantly against outstanding financial obligations, as a consequence of some unfortunate event, such as the loss of life.

These schemes are useful for you who are at your productive age and you want your family to maintain its standard of living, even in unforeseen events.

We suggest you accept the fact that everything is part of life, good or bad and thus a Dread Disease & Permanent Total Disability scheme will support you in difficult times.

This scheme supports you financially by paying out a lump sum of your choice in case of medical diagnosis or surgery for one of the serious diseases covered. 

With the Accident Pension scheme, you show your love to your family and those who are financially dependent on you, if the worst happens. In the event of an accidental loss of life, your family immediately secures a lump sum and a monthly pension that will provide them financially to maintain their standard of living.