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Dread Disease and Permanent Total Disability Plan

Get immediate cover when you need it.

Low premium

Monthly premium payment
with direct debit

Fast and simple
procedures to join

Dread diseases covered:

Heart Attack / Myocardial Infraction
Kidney Failure
Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Aorta Surgery
Heart Valve Surgery
Major Organ Transplant
Benign Brain Tumour
Loss of Limbs
Severe Burns
Parkinson’s Disease
Loss of Hearing
Loss of Speech
Bacterial Meningitis
Fulminant Hepatitis
Permanent Total Disability due to Disease or Accident

Key features

In the case of diagnosis (or operations due to) one of the twenty dread diseases listed, or permanent total disability, the insured individual will collect:

Premium: €10 monthly - Cover: €15.000
Premium: €20 monthly - Cover: €30.000
Age at entry: 18-55 (age at last birthday)
Duration: until the age of 65
Legal Notes

The information herein is summarised. The basic terms and exemptions of the policy are contained in the Insurance Policy.

For further details or information, kindly contact Hellenic Life or your nearest Hellenic Bank branch.