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The "Forward-looking"

Our ancestors used to say: “The wise children cook before they are hungry”.  Some things would be better doing do them now. Before it’s too late. Take care of your children, your future, your pension, purchase one of our Investment Schemes and accumulate savings for a better future. An investment solution that combines savings, investment and insurance, in a flexible and harmonious way. Its long-term character can be easily adapted to our changing needs, but also to the investment opportunities as they are formed. Get it now and start saving to:

  • Fund a future project
  • Support your children’s studies
  • Boost your income for your retirement period

Our investment plans offer:

  • Investment options that allow you to move between the investment risk and the return that fits your investment profile, with whatever mix you want between them
  • Monthly premium payment, the amount of which is adjusted according to your savings and your age
  • Ability to choose the amount of life insurance coverage you want, according to your obligations and other insurance policies that you may have, and which you can change along the way, depending on your needs
  • Flexibility and adaptability, as you can increase, decrease or even choose to automatically adjust your monthly premium, liquidate part or all of your policy value, add or remove insurance coverage, and make additional single
  • High premium allocation from the very first year
  • Reward for the long-term maintenance of your policy